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Adventists rally to support grief stricken community

Seventh-day Adventists in the western part of Jamaica organized a community impact program in light of the recent spate of violence in Grange Hill and the surrounding communities, which left seven persons dead, including two children, and another ten persons wounded, earlier this month.
Several Adventist churches rallied together on May 5 to meet, pray and offer counsel to individuals in the community, instead of taking part in the regular Sabbath morning worship services.

Members also took the afternoon to march in the streets and rally at the Marcus White Transport Center, at Morgan’s Bridge, in Grange Hill, accompanied by marching bands from the West Jamaica Conference and the Sandy Bay Adventist Church.

Family Must be a Priority

“We have lost our way, we have lost the ‘book of rules’. Parents are no longer in charge of their children, parents are no longer in-charge of the home,” charged keynote speaker, Pastor Charles T. Brevitt, stewardship and trust services director for the church in West Jamaica, as he quoted the words of the Heptones 1976 single.